If you have any questions about our PSD2 APIs please check first the FAQ.
If not, you can always contact PSD2@UBB.BG.

What APIs are available?

The following APIs are available :

• AIS (Account Information Service)
• PIS (Payment Initiation Service)
• CIS (Confirmation of funds)

Further information regarding our APIs can be found after login.

Are the APIs secure?

Security is important to us. The sandbox and the live environment meet the latest security standards. We’ve employed the 0Auth 2.0 consent model to enable clients to grant access to third party service providers (your application) in a clear and secure manner.

How do I access the technical documentation?

Once you have registered you will be able to log in to the Developer Portal to access the technical documentation of our APIs.

What can be done in the sandbox?

Our sandbox provides an opportunity for developers to test their app before building in production. The sandbox is a safe, secure environment where you can test your apps functionality and test our API integrations with your apps.

I am getting a 400 (unauthorized) HTTP status code. What went wrong?

  • Request received without a mandatory parameter
  • Request received with bad parameters (invalid format) values
  • Request received with execution-date in past
  • Request received with amount<=0
  • Request received with currency other than EUR
  • Request received with same account for sender and receiver
  • Request received with Incorrect Beneficiary account OR incorrect structured communication
  • Request received with invalid execution-date (weekend e.g.)

I am getting a 401 (unauthorized) HTTP status code. What went wrong?

  • Request received with invalid values for Oauth2 Security related parameters
  • Request received with invalid access_token  
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