API for rent deposit accounts

API for rent deposit accounts


Tenants of a house or apartment in Belgium are required by law to provide a security deposit. Keeping this rent deposit in a blocked savings account ensures that neither the tenant nor the landlord can access the funds for the duration of the lease.


The tenant opens a KBC/CBC rent deposit account. This savings account is blocked and used as a security deposit for the landlord. If the tenant fails to meet some of the obligations stipulated in the lease, the landlord is entitled to claim the appropriate amount at the end of the lease.

  • A KBC/CBC rent deposit account is completely free of charge.
  • Private individuals qualify for tax relief.


As a real estate agent, you can make life easier for your customers by helping them to arrange a rent deposit account. This service has the added advantage of reducing your paperwork.


You can integrate KBC’s/CBC's API for rent deposit accounts into your software. With the tenant’s approval, the API provides KBC/CBC with the information you have on the landlord, the tenant and the rented property.

KBC/CBC then sends an email to the tenant with the available details already filled in. The tenant can click on the link in the email to set up a rent deposit account immediately. The tenant can also take out property insurance if necessary.

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