API for on Demand Financing

API for on Demand Financing


Offer On-Demand Financing to your customers as a quick and flexible solution to any cash flow problems. This new, innovative service will allow your customers to receive immediate payment for selected sales invoices they have raised.


On-Demand Financing will be fully integrated into your billing or ERP software. Your customers can digitally select which of their sales invoices should be paid immediately. KBC/CBC will pay the invoices within 24 hours and the invoice debtors will pay KBC/CBC directly within the agreed payment terms.

Most forms of credit are based on your customers’ financial health, but On-Demand Financing is based on the invoice recipient’s performance and the transaction in question.

The difference between On-Demand Financing and conventional factoring is that On-Demand Financing is far more flexible. With conventional factoring, your customers are tied to a financing contract for all their sales invoices for at least one year, but On-Demand Financing allows them to choose which sales invoices to finance.


On-Demand Financing has many benefits:

  • It is quick.
  • It is flexible.
  • It offers your customers efficient short-term cash flow management.
  • It avoids the stress of having to seek additional financing.


Getting started with On-Demand Financing is easy. You integrate KBC’s/CBC's API into your billing or ERP tool for your customers. The tool will show your customers which invoices are eligible for financing. The customer can then select their sales invoices to be financed. On-Demand Financing is available to new and existing Belgian KBC/CBC business customers.

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