On Demand Financing

On Demand Financing


On-demand financing enables companies to receive advance payment on individual invoices. This purely digital service has been fully integrated into ERP accounting software for invoices. With it, we ensure that clients who face a sudden cash shortage avoid the stress of trying to obtain finance, by making invoices directly available for financing in their software. On-demand financing targets Belgian companies that are or intend to become a client at KBC, KBC Brussels or CBC.


On-demand financing is a service designed specifically for invoices that you, as a supplier, draw up in respect of your buyers. You receive payment within 24 hours and the financing facility is repaid when your buyer pays KBC.

Other forms of credit are based on the financial strength of the supplier, whereas on-demand financing looks at the specific transaction and the quality of the buyer.

The difference between traditional factoring and on-demand financing lies in the transactional nature of on-demand financing. In traditional factoring, a contract is concluded for having all invoices financed for a period of at least one year.


On Demand Financing has many  benefits.

  • Quick and flexible
  • Prevents short-term cash problems


KBC will provide several APIs that you can integrate into your invoicing tool.
As a result, KBC can automatically assess your invoices in terms of their financeability. Your invoicing tool lets you see which invoices are eligible for financing and you can then choose the ones for which you want to draw down finance. This service will be available from mid-October 2019.

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