KBC Payment Button

KBC Payment Button


The KBC Payment Button is a digital button that you can install on the payment page of your own web shop. Your customers can use it to pay for their purchases in real time using their familiar KBC online banking app. Real time means that the transfer instruction is processed instantly. Therefore, you don't have to wait on payment. Knowing that the money is credited to your account straightaway means that you can concentrate on quickly getting your customer's order out.


State-of-the-art security technology ensures that the exchange of data takes place over a highly secure and reliable connection. That's something your customers value, too. Payment is made using online banking facilities, a familiar channel used by many online shoppers.


KBC payment button  has many benefits.

  • Instant crediting to your account 
  • Fast and secure 
  • Extra flexibility for your customers (They have the option of buying now and paying later.)


KBC provides a KBC Payment Button (SDK) that you can integrate into your webshop. Customers using this payment method are then automatically redirected to KBC's online banking app (KBC Touch or KBC Mobile). The amount due is transferred instantly to your business account at KBC (at a special rate)

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