Green energy loan

Green energy loan


Installing roof, wall or floor insulation, high-efficiency glazing or solar panels makes a lot of sense in this day and age. However, making eco-friendly adaptations to a house or apartment can come with a hefty price tag.

If you run a business in the renovation sector, you can now offer your customers a solution to finance this work.


The KBC Green Energy & Security Loan is an instalment loan your customers can apply for if at least half of their home improvements are made for energy-efficiency purposes.

Energy-saving enhancements that are eligible include:

  • Heating
  • Insulation and glazing
  • Aeration and ventilation
  • Electricity and lighting


By offering your customers the possibility to take out finance, they can organise their renovation work in the most efficient way possible. This ensures there is only a limited impact on their budget.


There are currently three ways to access this service:

1 QR code - now available

  • You provide your customers with a flyer containing the schedule of loan rates and a QR code.
  • The customer scans the unique QR code with their device.
  • They are automatically redirected to KBC’s instalment loan application page, where they can fill in the application form either in the shop or at home in their own time, without any involvement on your part.
  • Once the loan is approved and the work finished, the total amount concerned will be transferred directly to your business account.
  • This way of working does not require any additional IT work or generate any additional costs.

2 Widget - now available

  • KBC has developed a widget for your website which customers can use to run a simulation if they want to take out finance to pay for their home improvements. Based on the financing amount and term, the customer can immediately see how much they have to pay off each month. If they decide to apply for the loan, they can do so on the KBC website (or via Touch or Mobile).
  • If your website has been created by Wordpress, we can offer a fully customised proposal and the IT work involved will be minimal. If not, we can still provide a ready-made widget, but this requires some IT work on your part.

3 API simulation - now available

If you prefer to use a widget with the look-and-feel of your own business, you can use our simulation API. Any partner who meets the selection criteria and signs our contract can use this API.

  • The customer will be able to use the widget to adapt the financing amount and term. If they decide to apply for a loan, they can do so on the KBC website (or via Touch or Mobile).
  • The API we provide is a 'plug-and-play' API. This means that it can be used immediately by any partner, with the minimum of IT requirements.

4 Coming soon

As of 2020, the entire process will be available via API, including the existing simulation feature, the loan application process and the ability to print out the loan contract.

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