Bicycle insurance QR

Bicycle insurance QR


Bike business is in serious uplift lately, as more and more people want to have their own, qualitative bike. The launch of the e-bike is an extra push towards cycling, overcoming exiting barriers  such as longer distances or hilly landscapes.

The trend towards e-bikes and more qualitative bikes has pushed the average price of a bike. Buying a new bicycle becomes a major investment for your customers. As such,  it is strongly recommended to have a proper bike insurance.


The KBC Bicycle insurance covers your customers new bike or e-bike against damage and theft anywhere in the world. It also includes full bicycle assistance (including roadside assistance), offered in cooperation with VAB.


Offering an instant bike insurance at the moment that a customer buys a bike, upgrades your customer journey, and improves customer delight.


We provide a brochure with QR code and the necessary supporting promotional material. Your customer can scan the code and take out a bicycle insurance online.

No technical efforts on your part are required.

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