Bicycle insurance with QR-code

Bicycle insurance with QR-code


Now that more and more people want to own a quality bike, the bicycle business is booming. The development of the electric bicycle has also been instrumental in boosting bicycle sales. The electric bicycle has removed several barriers to cycling, such as long distances and hilly terrain.

The current trend of electric and better-quality bicycles has pushed up the average bicycle retail price. Buying a new bicycle is a major investment for your customers, so proper bicycle insurance is highly recommended.


KBC/CBC bicycle insurance covers your customers’ new electric or non-electric bicycle against damage and theft anywhere in the world. This includes comprehensive bicycle assistance in cooperation with leading Belgian roadside assistance company VAB.


Offering your customers instant bicycle insurance when they are buying their bicycle upgrades their customer journey and improves customer satisfaction.


We provide a brochure with a QR code and the necessary supporting promotional materials. Your customer can use their device to scan the code and take out bicycle insurance online.

No technical work is required on your part.

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